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Thoroughly done sanitization of home will kill all the fragments of the virus and bacteria present anywhere inside your home or office to keep you and your family or employees safe. Our partner service providers always use government approved chemicals, fragments, sanitizers, and alcohol-based sanitizers which are the highly effecting and safe to use.

FAQ – Sanitizing/Disinfection Services

Q. What is sanitization?

Sanitization is the act or process of making something completely clean and free from dirt, germs and bacteria. In the process of sanitization, the number of microorganism (germs and bacteria) are substantially eliminated or reduced to safe level, usually by 99.99%.

Q. What is difference between sanitization and disinfection?

Disinfection is the process of killing germs, bacteria and viruses completely from surfaces. If there is high chance of bacteria and germs on the surfaces then disinfection is recommended.

Q. What will the cost of hiring sanitizing or disinfection services ?

The cost will depend on so many factors such as size of your space, quality of sanitizing or disinfecting products, etc. The cost will also vary depending upon service provider to service provider. It is best to compare multiple quotations from different vendors to get sanitizing services or disinfection services at affordable and reasonable rates.

General Sanitizer Charges: Starting at Rs 800

Area 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK 5 BHK
Charges & Rates Rs 800 Rs 1100 Rs 1300 Rs 1500 Rs 2000

* The above price may vary.

* The final price quote will be given only after home inspection.